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Food Period runs from May 21st to June 20th.

No School May 21, June 6 & June 12
Orders will not be accepted after 12pm on May 16th.

Your child will receive one meal per day unless you choose a different quantity. It is important that you carefully select your items and be sure to choose the correct quantity. Offline payments (cheque) must be received at school before end of day on May 16th.
This order period is now closed.

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Hot Lunch Update – Please be advised that we will no longer accept hot lunch orders or payments submitted after the date the orders are due. To ensure that orders are placed with vendors in a timely manner, volunteers must be able to process the orders in their entirety. Starting this hot lunch cycle if both order and payment are not received by the deadline stated on the cycle, the portion received will be cancelled/returned. Also, we have received many payments lately without any indication of what the payment is for. This creates quite a puzzle for the volunteers. If you are unable to pay online via credit card, please ensure that all orders/funds are labeled with your child’s name and their teacher’s name. Thank you for your help in ensuring this program runs as efficiently as possible.